Peace and quiet

Tucked away in the corner of North Shropshire, Cloverley Hall Christian conference centre offers peace and quiet, yet remains easily accessible by road and rail. Our grounds provide a safe haven for all, with the opportunity to enjoy the sports facilities or simply relax in the Shropshire countryside.

Prime Midlands location

Located 50-60 miles from Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham, and just 30 minutes from Shrewsbury, Cloverley Hall Christian Conference Centre is in an excellent position for your church retreat,  day conference or training event. Being in close proximity to many attractions makes Cloverley a favourite for residential school trips.

Serving all people

Cloverley Hall is part of Centre Ministries, a Christian charity who also run The Quinta in Shropshire and Castlewellan Castle in Northern Ireland. As a Christian charity we exist to serve all people especially through churches and organisations from our constituency. The objectives of our charity lead us to expect our visitors, while using our Centres, to refrain from promoting theological and ethical views or engaging in behaviour that would be in conflict with the Christian Biblical perspectives to which we aspire. Our record of welcoming all people and handling our Christian identity appropriately is appreciated and valued as an asset to the totality of the experience we offer.

Over 50 years experience

With over 50 years experience of providing excellent and cost effective residential conference facilities, we are well placed to meet your needs in whatever way we can. Whatever your requirements, contact us and we will be pleased to help you make the most of your stay at Cloverley.

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