Cloverley Hall as it stood before demolition in 1927
Cloverley Hall as it stood before demolition in 1927

Originally built as a residence for John Pemberton Heywood in 1868 then used as a boys school after World War II, Cloverley Hall has been a Christian Conference Centre since 1968, after John and Mary Rosser had the vision to set up a Christian residential centre in Shropshire.

Centre Ministries

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The dove logo symbolises the creative passion of God, peace, restoration and reconciliation, vulnerability, sacrifice and suffering. The transforming presence of God’s Spirit in our lives.

Cloverley Hall is part of ‘Centre Ministries’. The Centre Ministries group comprises of three Conference Centres: The Quinta near Oswestry, (www.quinta.org) Castlewellan Castle near Belfast (www.castlewellancastle.org) and Cloverley Hall.

Centre Ministries aims to promote the Christian Faith as characterised by the acceptance of The Bible as God’s inspired and authoritative word. Centre Ministries does this by providing good quality cost-effective centres to serve the Christian community in providing opportunities that are primarily residential for churches and Christian organisations to fulfil their mission and stimulate growth. Centre Ministries also wishes to serve other organisations, especially those in education, who want to enjoy and learn from our Christian ethos, environment and values.

Each centre is different. What they have in common are beautiful settings, experienced helpful staff and a desire to combine excellence and cost effectiveness.

Centre Ministries takes bookings from small and large groups, even up to a thousand using residential facilities, camping and marquees. Churches, youth groups, students, Christian charities, schools and others use our centres: people of all ages and all backgrounds.