Alan and Chris Scutt to retire

It is 7 years since Alan & Chris arrived at Cloverley and much has been achieved and improved in that time.

Many of you will know that Alan & Chris gave notice to the Trustees in May 2011 that they intended retiring from their work at Cloverley with effect from 1 May 2012. During the ensuing months the Trustees advertised and interviewed for the post with the result that Stephen Alliband was appointed as the manager designate. Andrew Mason will continue as Assistant Manager.

You will see below that we have also secured someone to take over the Catering responsibilities from Chris and we are sure that the high standards of service and quality of food that you have come to expect from Cloverley are both in good hands.

Alan & Chris would like to extend their sincere thanks to the staff and guests who have made their time at Cloverley truly memorable. They will miss you all very much.