Indoor Facilities


2010_06_11_4897Oak Lounge

This was originally the housekeeper’s room during the days of the hall and as the name infers has walls of oak panelling.

A fixed projector screen is provided for when this room is used as a meeting room.

78-Burton-LoungeBurton Lounge

This is the largest of the three lounges and doubles as a meeting room particularly when the premises are being used by more than one group. This lounge is so named as a mark of thanks for all the past involvement of David Burton, a previous manager.

88-Front-Lounge-(1)Front Lounge

More designed for comfort and relaxation although often used as a quiet room for prayer or as a meeting room for groups up to 12 in number. This lounge has a television, video and dvd player.


Games Room


Our games room is equipped with two table tennis tables, a pool table and table football. All games equipment is provided free of charge.



We have a well equipped crèche for the under 5’s with a wide range of toys. There is also a cabinet containing a television/dvd/video unit. The supervision of this area is the responsibility of the group and when more than one group is in residence, this is a shared facility.

Indoor Heated Swimming Pool

Our previously outdoor swimming pool has now been converted to an indoor facility with an arched enclosure built over the top for all year round use. There is an additional charge for the use of this facility. Please contact us for further information.